Batch manufacturing

Batch manufacturing operations, such as those employed by numerous chemical processing plants and food manufacturers around the world, are becoming increasingly complex. Meanwhile, increasing globalisation means you need to respond faster to demand and speed your time to market. Do you have the flexibility and agility you need to compete?

Discover how SYSPRO ERP software empowers batch manufacturers to improve control over goods being produced, reducing associated costs and downtime. With 360-degree visibility, you can easily decide which batch to make, at what time, by which group of people or machines.

SYSPRO ERP software enables you to improve operational efficiency by streamlining:

  • Capacity scheduling and utilisation
  • Variable and fixed overhead recoveries
  • Plant maintenance, both scheduled and preventive
  • Management of variances in lower cost/sales items
  • Inventory forecasting and optimisation
  • Purchasing and storage of raw materials or components
  • Product configuration and change control

Batch Manufacturing Software

Simplify your batch manufacturing operations with SYSPRO ERP

The following are just a few of the features in SYSPRO ERP software valuable in a batch manufacturing environment.

Improve Batch Planning Across the Business
Balancing account stock levels, order fulfilment and production processes are all key when creating an accurate sales and operations plan. SYSPRO’s inventory forecasting and optimisation capabilities provide you with the visibility you need to identify product sales trends, including seasonality, and then determine your optimum buffer stocks and stock level profiles.

In addition, SYSPRO enables accurate production planning and scheduling with real-time data, so you can ensure the correct batch jobs are sequenced to minimise production downtime.

Optimise Materials Sourcing and Replenishment
Before you start a batch run, you need the right mix and quantities of materials at the right locations. Managing the ongoing cycle of purchasing and replenishment can be really difficult without accurate information. SYSPRO ERP for batch manufacturing gives your buying department the real-time visibility they need to make the right purchasing decisions to ensure materials are available without overstocking.

Enable Efficient Batch Scheduling
Whether your batch manufacturing process is a set of sequential operations in a refinement process, or in a blending/mixing process, it’s critical to orchestrate your production plan in the right sequence, factoring in planned capacity and availability of raw materials.

SYSPRO ERP features advanced scheduling functionality to help you drive the sequence of operations and jobs, making sure you have a time-phased plan that includes planned change-over, machine cleaning and setup changes. With SYSPRO ERP you can further see total capacity and materials requirements, so you can make sure materials needed at each step in the batch process are on hand.

Control Fulfilment and Delivery
Whether you are delivering on a just-in-time (JIT) basis or making aggregate deliveries on specific customer routes and loads, the SYSPRO dispatch process provides the control you need to ensure order fulfilment. SYSPRO’s inventory-management functionality provides you with full visibility and control of finished goods in their physical bin locations, and, you can support transactions by showing physical stock in the warehouse. SYSPRO Espresso, our mobility platform, enables you to record transactions in-situ, and perform functions such as transfers, receipts, bin transfers and stock counts.

Streamline Returns Management
The management and control of returns is often an area overlooked by ERP systems. SYSPRO’s Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) functionality helps you respond quickly to customer requests to return products and puts knowledge in the hands of customer service personnel. Plus, information can be fed back to product development to support continuous quality improvement.

ERP for Batch Manufacturing

In batch manufacturing, getting planning and scheduling right can make the difference between profit and loss. SYSPRO has decades of experience helping organisations like yours ensure quality while reducing costs, optimising inventory and managing a complex supply chain. Find out how we can help you, too.

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