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Machinery and Equipment ERP

The assembly operations of this labour intensive industry, creating parts and end products that apply mechanical force to perform work, are what differentiate it from the fabrication industry. The industry is categorised into three groups: special purpose machinery, such as agricultural, or construction; commercial or service manufacturing machinery, and general purpose machinery like engines or ventilation.

The machinery and equipment industry is a mature and well established one. Many firms have carved out reputations for themselves as specialists in their niche area, therefore a lower strategic threat to their business exists. However, this does not make them immune to change. The rise of “Smart Factories” and “Industry 4.0” are forcing the companies to embrace automation and big data or else risk being left behind by the competition.

SYSPRO provides business solutions to support lean manufacture and cost efficiencies able to respond to fluctuations in the global market. SYSPRO seamlessly integrates with CAD / CAM and offers full traceability through all transactions, reducing inventories and improving capacity utilisation. The paper trail that traditionally accompanies changes to product design data is either augmented or eliminated by SYSPRO’s engineering change control module. SYSPRO factory scheduling manages the supply chain, from planning and execution to the identification and correction of potential problems.

How SYSPRO ERP Can Help Your Business

Best-in-Class Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing operations management for your unique business

Whether you’re producing custom machinery or standardized components, the efficiency of your operations can make or break profitability. You need industrial machinery software designed to solve challenges across your entire manufacturing operation. SYSPRO ERP Software can help.

Take your organisation to the next level of growth with a strong, integrated technology foundation from a vendor who knows how to solve your specific industry challenges.

Jason Armitage

“Aftermarket is very important to us and accounts for 20% to 30% of our overall business. Growing at 10% year-on-year, we realise that SYSPRO has given us the ability to extend this part of the business. The speed and flexibility of SYSPRO has been the key to this”

Chief Financial Officer, Extract Technology

Keith Pauley

“SYSPRO is very controllable. It does precisely what we expect of it. We can see exactly where we are with the accounts, With it we have full visibility of critical financial information and we can produce any type of report we require”

Production Director, Thurlby Thandar Instruments

Paul Smith

“K3 worked with us really well to ensure quick and successful implementation of SYSPRO and the integration with CRM. We wanted the entire system up and running in just four months, which was always an ambitious target. We were delighted that we managed to implement on the day we planned”

IT Manager, Innovative Technology

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