F is for Forum at Silverstone

K3 Syspro recently hosted their latest customer forum with over 70 people attending. Customers were treated to a behind the scenes view of our latest and greatest technology as well as enjoying a fantastic view overlooking the Silverstone racecourse finish line!

The conference was themed ‘imagine better’ and K3 presented various compelling aspects of their ever widening solution footprint.

First was the Singlepoint workflow which proved to be a resounding success. The delegates were broken into groups and asked to identify a business critical process which is managed outside the sphere of mid tear erp. The presenters then went off and three hours later came back with the process fully operational within workflow.

The session also gave customers a reminder of the inherent flexibility and customisation capabilities of the SYSPRO software. The final and noisiest session was when k3 revealed their Espresso product. Espresso is the tool set which will enable deployment of SYSPRO applications directly to phones, touch devices and so on. The underlying power of the Espresso tool set cannot be underestimated or overstated. We were delighted to welcome the head of product development for SYSPRO globally who presented the Espresso content to our customers. He showed us how orders could be processed, records viewed, dashboards scrutinised, and all in the palm of your hand.

In parallel with the main event we had 14 of our implementation consultant team holding a lab facility where our users could spend 20 minutes discussing and solving some of their day to day issues. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to the next event!

“I personally thought the day was brilliant, such an eye opener for me to see your new products. Also the hospitality was fantastic, greeting to food and beverage. On the day everyone from K3 was pleasant and helpful”

– Feedback from one of our customers.

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