How ERP integration ensures a smooth workflow

Let’s face it, life is better when things run smoothly. When your car starts first time, when there is no traffic, or when your train actually arrives on time; these things are important to us. So too is ensuring your workload is not overburdened by a poor workflow. Because when these things don’t run so smoothly, the consequences have a knock on effect.

Automation + Organisation

Automation has become the norm in industry. Cobots, robots and the best of technology are being used to maximise profit and minimise risk. But a smooth and reliable workflow cannot be left to machines alone! The repeatable patterns that machines excel at need organising. Manufacturing software that pulls together, integrates and organises resources both externally and internally drives forward the performance of your company.

Replacing manual processes with automation where possible is about making best use of staff time.  K3 Syspro’s manufacturing software allows manufacturers the facility not just to be able to plan, execute and control production, but also integrate those operations into other business processes. This provides valuable knowledge to staff members who are customer facing and also gives more predictable timelines.

Real Time Management

The modules range from manufacturing, sales and distribution through to HR, finance and reporting. A smooth workflow is not just about output. Input and analysis are vital too. That’s why reporting is just as important. Your ERP needs to be able to provide the right data at the right time to the right person.

In this way the users i.e. your staff, can begin to understand any potential bottlenecks, what works and what doesn’t. Rather than a siloed organisation where people only see their part of the business, staff are more integrated because the systems are inter-relational and in real time. Their workflow is not interrupted by having to find the right person with the right access to get the job done.

A strong Supply Chain Management (SCM) relies on the ebb and flow of relationships of all the key elements in the business. Sharing data with suppliers and customers is important but so too is having the ability to do the same with your own team. A strong and reliable workflow is served by the best technology.

Team Work

There is no one size fits all when it comes to workflow. Every organisation is different which is why we have different partner products providing different partner solutions but all able to work together seamlessly to provide the necessary solution.

Automatic email providers take some of the workload off staff, freeing up their time to concentrate on other tasks. There are managed document services which streamline business processes, saving time and money. This can be anything from cutting-edge print, copy and scan technology as part of a document management system right through to data entry support systems. There are also add-on applications for scheduling, tracking and controlling works orders related to any type of self-owned and/or customer owned equipment.

Meanwhile Equator – a product written entirely by K3 to meet the HR requirements of a business – alleviates the need for duplication of data entry and provides reporting on a range of data vital to comply with employment legislation. It also updates as legislation changes. Its features include pay, HMRC requirements, pensions and the latest changes to the gender pay gap law.

Scalable Integration

One of the biggest fears we hear from business managers is taking on new software will cause problems further down the line because of lack on integration but the way ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has advanced allows for a bespoke solution. SYSPRO modules are both customisable and scalable; meaning they can be implemented individually as your business grows or as a complete new system, both on premise and in the cloud – meaning workflow need never be interrupted.

Work/Life Balance

Automating the workflow will cut out repetitive processes and will reduce duplication.  Cross-departmental processes waste time and money and are prone to human error. It is far more satisfying not to be chasing paperwork, production or people but to be running your business instead. Life and business may have its ups and downs, but it can run more smoothly with technology to help the workflow.



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