Service day packages to help you save

Save money by purchasing consultant days upfront through one of our ‘Service Day Packages’. Use these days for consultancy, business analysis, GAP analysis or on-site training at your office. We have separated the packages into gold, silver and bronze to make selecting the appropriate offer straight forward.

Service Packages

  • GOLD
  • Package cost


  • Number of days

    15 days

  • Cost per day

    (standard day rate £895)

  • Package cost


  • Number of days

    10 days

  • Cost per day

    (standard day rate £895)

  • Package cost


  • Number of days

    5 days

  • Cost per day

    (standard day rate £895)

Interested in a Package?

If you’d like to know more about any of our Service Day Packages or how to book them, please contact your Account Manager below.

    Account Manager*

    We understand that leaving your information can feel a little unnerving so rest assured we have strict data policies in place.


    1. You have 12 months from the date the order is confirmed to use the service days in your package.
    2. Service days are subject to availability of our consultants.
    3. Service days are only available to existing K3 Syspro customers.
    4. All mileage and expenses will be invoiced as and when a consultancy day has been delivered.
    5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    6. Offer available until 10th March 2017.
    7. The day rate is not available unless purchased with this offer.
    8. Prepayment upfront is required for this offer.
    9. After the offer has expired the day rate will revert to the standard rate in-force at the time the agreement expires.

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