Running philosophy helps K3 Syspro achieve growth

The managing director of a Europe-wide business solutions specialist is on track to have run 2,500 miles this year on top of heading up an £11 million business and leading a team of 100 staff.

Cathie Hall, the Managing Director of ERP provider K3 Syspro (K3), has already smashed her original target to run 2014 miles in the year 2014 and is now aiming to run the equivalent of Land’s End to John O Groats – two and a half times! And despite waking up at 4am each morning and going for an hour long run, Cathie says that the benefits of a strict running regime are being seen throughout the business.

“For me, running provides a lot of thinking time and gives me a chance to step back from the day-to-day running of K3 Syspro and do some strategic thinking. It energises me and in turn, helps me energise and motivate the rest of the team. I’ve definitely seen my own productivity increase.”

The link between physical activity and productivity within a business environment has long been recognised. The 2013 CIPD absence management survey reported that companies which actively encourage a physically active workforce are not only more productive in office hours, but employee sickness levels are also reduced. And Cathie Hall has a personal incentive spurring her on and helping with her 4am wake-up calls. She’s clocking up 2,500 miles to help raise money for the Long-Shaw Kid’s Fund after her friend’s eldest son, Tom passed away with Athetoid Cerebal Palsy late last year. The Long-Shaw Kid’s Fund supported her friend’s son throughout his life.

The motivation, time and energy benefits that Cathie Hall enjoys from her physical activity is being reflected in the performance of K3 Syspro. Already this year, the business has launched its new version of SYSPRO 7 to the UK, hosted a range of customer events and exhibited at a number of manufacturing trade shows. According to Cathie, it’s having clear goals, engaging the right people, and playing the long game that results in getting your business past the finish line.

“The approach I adopt to my running is the same as the approach that we apply to ERP implementations at K3 Syspro, and the same approach that I take to running a business. It’s critical that you have clear goals.”

“There have been many times I have wanted to go back to sleep after my 4am alarm call this year, but I’ve focused on my goal, and the fact I’m running in memory of Tom and this has spurred me on.”

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