Embracing the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0

Nick McGrane, Managing Director of K3 Syspro, is keen to highlight the risks that manufacturers face if they fail to prepare for the impact of current global trends.

The Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain

The Evolution of the Digital Supply Chain in the Changing Manufacturing Landscape You have to be able to hold your nerve if you work in the supply chain. Dealing with the production and distribution of goods in today’s world requires patience,…

Without change there can be no innovation

Our Managing Director, Nick McGrane talks about new technologies and changes within the manufacturing sector and why businesses shouldn't fear them.

Adapting to survive the digital transformation of manufacturing

Our Sales & Marketing Director, Glen Burdett, has spoken to Business Reporter’s Georges Banna to discuss the ever changing landscape of manufacturing and the role technology is playing in pushing the sector forward.

Embrace IoT or Lose Competetiveness

As the manufacturing industry evolves at a rapid pace, read how the Internet of Things (IoT) could be the key to you remaining competitive.

Bridging the gap between finance and the supply chain

Many Chief Financial Officers (CFO) will agree that in today’s wider business landscape, a disconnect still exists between finance and the supply chain. There are a number of factors which combine to cause this, with some of the most common…

Integration: the stumbling block to manufacturing digitisation

The transformation of industry into digitally connected factories of the future is already upon us as manufacturers look for new ways to operate more collaboratively with their supply chains to identify and improve customer value, increase…

Eating the Elephant: Making a Start With Industry 4.0

Daunted by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things? Don’t be: it’s easier than you think, urges Cathie Hall, managing director of K3 Syspro Where do you begin? How do you even start? Take a look at some of the glitzy high-profile examples…

Meeting the business needs of the modern manufacturing enterprise

In this video Cathie Hall, managing director at K3 Syspro discusses the role of systems in manufacturing transformation. - Three key challenges facing manufacturers are making decisions, understanding product costing and integrating the supply…

Where Are We on The Global Stage?

Manufacturing is changing, says Cathie Hall, managing director of K3 Syspro, and the UK needs to find its place on the world stage. Manufacturing is undergoing a revolution. The days of mass production and high volumes are evolving; now the…