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B is for Biomedical Science

The biomedical industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, with the north of England alone already enjoying £5 billion in annual sales through this sector. So, it makes sense to have this industry as second letter of our A-Z of ERP Industry sector blogs...

A is for Automotive

We’ve successfully explored 26 benefits of SYSPRO ERP; one for each letter of the alphabet and as we’ve looked at the flexibility, scalability and functionality of this advanced solution, you will have noticed the many business uses that it has. But what are those sectors that rely on ERP for everyday...

Z is for Zephyr

The implementation of an ERP solution in your business can be daunting, but only when you don’t have a detailed predefined strategy put in place. While implementations are incredibly complex projects and naturally do take time, there are ways you can ensure it runs like a zephyr, a...

Y is for Yesterday’s ERP

Thirty years ago nobody would have imagined that one day production workers in a manufacturing company would be able to get a holistic view of the business and manage every order from a telephone. Remote working meant making a conference call...

X is for x-ray vision

Imagine if you could see right through your complex business and gain a quick and easy view of what was happening in every department. Imagine if you had x-ray vision and could manage your sales team, shopfloor, distribution facility, and HR department from one single location, even when managing offices...

W is for Women in Manufacturing

It’s well documented that UK manufacturing is facing two major issues, the looming skills shortage and the shrinking number of women in the industry. The two might seem like separate concerns, but they are intrinsically linked. The low number of females working in...

V is for Visibility

ERP to me means two things: a facilitated business process and visibility of management information. It drives me to distraction then, when I see so many companies working really hard to get their business process efficient; capturing all their key data, and then they don’t actually do anything with that data.

U is for Usability

As our new Helpdesk portal reaches the 2 months stage, it seems an adequate time to reflect on some of the usability challenges that we faced both in designing the system and part of the ongoing process to improve user's access to helpdesk information. These challenges aren't specific to our Helpdesk...

The Benefits of Traceability

Traceability is often thought to be the domain of food, pharmaceutical or perhaps electronics companies, but more and more it’s the concern of everyone. Interestingly, researchers have found, that when businesses make a mistake and put it right they receive higher customer satisfaction scores than those...

S is for Support

As with any product purchased from any supplier or vendor, aftersales support is one of the key ingredients to a worthwhile experience. It is the same with software, and we are always striving to improve the service we provide to our end users. There are also some tips in getting the most of any support centre ...
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