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The Smurfit Kappa Group plc is Europe’s leading corrugated packaging company and one of the leading paper-based packaging companies in the world.

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The Challenges

  • Lift an established, successful SYSPRO batch mobile process that was in place within one of the UK divisions to Smurfit Czech
  • Deal with increasing volumes of orders
  • Make use of the advent of real-time mobile technologies

Our Solution

  • K3 Syspro Mobile Scanning solution

Benefits Gained

  • Mobile scanning makes light work of managing inventories
  • Real-time transaction processing enables quick and accurate data entry from barcode labels
  • Real-time information between SYSPRO and the shop floor
  • Orders are completed quicker than before and they are more reactive to increased demand and high volumes of orders
  • No need for further training as the product is developed specifically for seamless integration with SYSPRO ERP. Users could adapt quickly.

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Smurfit Kappa were in need of a powerful inventory management system that could capture data in real-time. By using our mobile scanning solution in conjunction with our powerful inventory management modules Smurfit have been able to increase order fulfillment.

Smurfit Kappa Czech boosts productivity thanks to K3 Syspro mobile solution

When packaging specialist Smurfit Kappa opened a new Czech office, the company chose to lift an established, successful SYSPRO batch mobile process that was in place within one of the UK divisions but quickly recognised that SYSPRO could offer greater levels of productivity when used to post real-time transactions directly from the shop floor.

Smurfit Kappa is one of the leading producers of paper-based packaging in the world with over 41,000 employees across 350 production sites in 32 countries. The company’s main business is corrugated packaging, but it has leading positions in several other markets including solid board and graphic board packaging. The company is headquartered in Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland.

A SYSPRO user since 2010, the Czech-based division of Smurfit Kappa, Smurfit Czech, had already experienced benefits from its ERP solution and had gained further advantage by streamlining its sales order processing system from end-to-end. However, with the advent of real-time mobile technologies and dealing with increasing volumes of orders, Packaging Specialist Lukáš Konývka, who worked with K3 on the original batch transaction mobile solution implementation, identified a way of increasing productivity levels further.

The K3 Syspro mobile scanning solution makes light work of managing inventories, receiving purchase orders and picking orders. It also complements the powerful inventory management features of SYSPRO and provides real time transaction processing to enable quick and accurate data entry from barcode labels. This effectively eliminates issues associated with manual data entry and transcribing notes from paper documentation. Once scanned the information flows through to SYSPRO in real time, to update its central database.

“Now that we have mobile scanners installed, we have made the process of movements in stock much faster than it was before because we are able to send data to SYSPRO directly from the shop floor. This means that we are completing orders a lot quicker than we were previously doing and are now more reactive to increased demand and high volumes of orders,” Lukáš Konývka says.

In keeping with SYSPRO’s intuitive approach, the K3 Syspro mobile solution requires very little training because it is developed specifically for seamless integration with the ERP solution. This eliminates the need for further training and means that the staff at Smurfit Czech that are already trained to use SYSPRO could adapt very quickly to the operational features of the mobile solution.

Lukáš Konývka says:

“One of the initial concerns we had with introducing a real-time mobile solution was the amount of time that the implementation process would take, coupled with additional resources and time we would have to commit to further staff training. But we soon realised that the real-time mobile solution did not operate too differently to SYSPRO itself. We were able to use the scanning equipment more or less immediately after they were connected to the system which was a major benefit. The Implementation process itself was quick and totally hassle free, so we were able to achieve our go-live date.”

Implementation of the K3 Syspro mobile solution began in November 2012 and was completed in a matter of weeks. Throughout this time, K3 Syspro worked closely with a project management team at Smurfit Czech to ensure that all of the aims of the business were clearly understood and met. K3 Syspro worked closely with the company throughout this time to quickly resolve any issues that arose.

Lukáš Konývka explains: “The biggest issue we faced was setting up the right settings on the mobile scanners for them to re-label our stock catalogue. K3 Syspro were great and worked with us to ensure the task was successfully completed without slowing down the implementation process.”

Smurfit Czech has been using mobile scanners with SYSPRO for the last six months and is seeing a real increase in productivity levels. The company no longer has to perform time consuming manual downloads of stock information. The process of movements in stock is also a lot quicker than when the company used manual methods and Smurfit Czech is now able to fulfil a larger number of orders than it could previously.

Lukáš Konývka says:

“The new technology in our mobile solution has exceeded our expectations. We have been able to streamline our inventory processes and really save time on manual processes. This has led to an increase in productivity levels and enabled us to grow our business even further. Throughout the entire implementation process K3 Syspro worked closely with our project management team to ensure we successfully met our planned go live date.”

Smurfit Czech is currently in the process of upgrading its existing SYSPRO solution with K3 Syspro, to SYSPRO 6.1 and is considering implementing real-time mobile solutions across the entire business.

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