Lucia Mundinano
This is Lucia. Lucia is one of our highly experienced technical sales consultants having been in the ERP arena for more than 20 years despite only looking 30 years old. Lucia has worked at K3 since 2005 where she actively participates in the whole sales cycle, which includes lead qualification, responding to RFI/ITT documents, business analysis and discovery and solution presentations. Lucia keeps herself fit by a variety of activities; whitewater kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, road cycling (she has 8 Queen of the Mountains on Strava!), running and rock climbing – when not doing extreme sports she can often been found softly strumming her guitars or sharking at texas holdem poker.

Understanding complex business issues with the ability to simplify processes to provide effective and efficient solutions.

Her singing leaves a lot to be desired and she cannot eat just one biscuit.