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CADTalk for SYSPRO is a CAD integration tool that eliminates the manual transfer of data from CAD software into SYSPRO. This eliminates redundancy, cuts lead to production, and reduces BOM errors.

CADTalk will allow for the creation of new items and full BOM information if not already existing in SYSPRO, or allow users to update, revise, or manipulate existing information. Very often you can implement the basics and get a big benefit within hours!

What is CADTalk and how can it help?

CADTalk utilises a configurable framework to standardise the integration between CAD/PDM software and SYSPRO. That way you will have the flexibility that you need without the downsides of custom built solutions.

CADTalk can directly read SolidWorks, SolidEdge, AutoDesk Inventor, and AutoCAD (dwg\dxf) file formats. It is very common for companies to have a Manufacturing Engineer or downstream production person building routings and Bills of Material in SYSPRO. Using CADTalk, those users will be able to directly read the native CAD formats from their engineers or outside customers without requiring a full license of the CAD software. In addition to the above supported CAD Systems, CADTalk also supports reading any text based file format such as xml, csv, fixed width, or delimited file.

CADTalk works with multiple levels of BOMs simultaneously in a fully indented BOM view allowing adding/updating of Current Materials and Current Operations at any level.

Eliminate duplicate data entry and ensuing errors

Reduce engineering to production lead-time by 80%

Keep CAD Drawings and SYSPRO data in sync and up to date

Drag/drop GUI for quick data entry

Create and update items, routings and structures within SYSPRO

Keep people using the tools they know

Manage multiple levels of BOMs simultaneously

Import and merge from CAD and/or from SYSPRO data

Interested in CADTalk?

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