C is for…Confusing, Convoluted, Complicated…

…C is also for Customisation (or Customization, if you prefer!)

Utilising customisation can help to straighten confusing, convoluted, complicated processes.

Now, SYSPRO offers this rather cool thing in the form of VBScripts and to add to this, K3 Syspro offers VBScripts along with bespoke. Yet, there is one very simple but all-important question – what is customisation?

Well, you see, it’s like this.

All that time ago, in the early days of computering, computer programs were written for a very specific purpose. So, if you wanted something to happen above & beyond what the program did you had to change the program code (or get someone to do this for you). Here, you were left with a problem – if you then wanted to upgrade your computering, but you wanted to keep your specific changes – you had to lift them and re-apply them (or get someone to do this for you); this is traditional bespoke.

SYSPRO changed all this, with the introduction of two things:

– Business Objects
– VBScript Macros

When SYSPRO introduced business objects, they opened up the ability to perform complicated business processes (like add a sales order, or update a purchase order, or post stock, and so on) by calling a single program & not having to worry about what needs to be updated or validated.

After the introduction of VBScript macros, SYSPRO allowed customers to make changes to how programs actually functioned; you don’t want to allow a sales order to be added unless Susan enters a valid depot number? Done! Set a manual price on a stock code automatically when adding a line? Pfft – easy.

Include K3’s DataSwitch to call business objects based on transaction postings & data file posting, and you can now:

– Change certain program behaviour to better suit your environment
– Write your own front-end (or talk to K3 to write a front end for you) and let SYSPRO do the tricky postings
– Call one business object, then take results from that to call another, and then another, to build up entire automated business processes

and with each of these, you retain the ability to upgrade ports of SYSPRO without having to change your code (or get someone to change it for you).

There are still some times when traditional bespoke changes are needed, I won’t lie, but as SYSPRO continues to develop, these become less and less, meaning SYSPRO can even help reduce traditional bespoke you may already have!

So, C is now for Clear, Concise, Cost-effective…

…and of course Big-Bluey-Greeny-Wobbly-Thing.

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