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About Tim Swarbrick

Tim is our web developer and joined in 2014. Tim looks after our websites (currently 7) – builds them, maintains them and keeps them secure! As well as the websites, Tim also handles anything that requires a designers eye such as the print media for marketing campaigns, brochures and emails.

Entries by Tim Swarbrick

How to Survive Industry 4.0 as a Plastics Manufacturer

1976 – The revolution is uncontainable. Only 69 years after the discovery of the first fully synthetic polymer, Bakelite, plastic becomes the most used material in the world. It’s lightweight, strong, flexible, rigid, transparent, opaque, and best of all; suited to mechanical mass production. Making them (after initial tooling costs) cheap to produce. Polymers could […]

Packaging – Making the Throw-Away Profitable

Packaging is probably the least glamorous of all the manufacturing sectors. As essential as packaging is to everyday life, it doesn’t evoke emotion quite like other sectors. There’s nothing to get excited about. There are no bells and whistles, you can’t eat it, it doesn’t fly, and even if it is beautifully designed and made; […]

How ERP Can Reduce the Waste In Manufacturing

Not all waste is physical and according to lean manufacturing theory, there are seven types of it. Any action that the customer wouldn’t be willing to pay for is “muda” or waste to the proponents of lean manufacturing, so keeping these actions to a minimum forms the basis of lean. Although initially designed for “just […]

SYSPRO’s Latest ERP Release Supports Globalization, Growth, and the Digital Economy for Manufacturers

March, 2018, Johannesburg: Global ERP Provider, SYSPRO, has announced the availability of its latest release with two key disruptors in mind that are shaping the modern manufacturer and distributor. The globalization of business and the emergence of the digital economy. SYSPRO CEO, Phil Duff believes that constant change is forcing business owners to protect their […]

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