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One of the UK’s largest stockholders of quality engineering and advanced thermoplastics chooses K3 Syspro technology for growth

  An independent engineering company, which is one of the UK’s largest stockholders of quality engineering and advanced thermoplastics, has chosen K3 Syspro’s ERP system to help the business move forward. Nylaplas Engineering is accredited to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and is approved across a range of sectors from aerospace, the Ministry of […]

Industry 4.0 ebook chapter 5 – Megatrends

Megatrends If your business is busy planning its route to and through Industry 4.0, you’re going to become quickly accustomed to all the perceived changes and revolutions affecting the manufacturing industry, so you can plan how to best take advantage of them. These challenges and opportunities, like everything covered in our Industry 4.0 guide, often […]

Industry 4.0 ebook chapter 4 – Robots and Automation

Robots and Automation It used to be the case that few manufacturers outside of the automotive sector would have a requirement for, or the funds required, to invest in robotics and automation. But as the sector has accelerated its own output levels through the use of robotisation, other sectors have taken note and begun to […]

Industry 4.0 ebook chapter 3 – Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis Manufacturing businesses are no strangers to data collection. Every day organisations are collecting valuable data about their customers’ orders, production schedules and performance, delivery rates, transactional costs and expenditure, profit margins, etc., but how often are we using this data to make better informed, and faster decisions? The role of Big Data […]

Industry 4.0 eBook Chapter 2 – Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration If there is one single factor critical to the success of a manufacturing business during Industry 4.0, it is supply chain integration, but this does not just refer to technology and business systems. Whilst it’s true that a completely integrated technology stack underpinned by a centralised business system such as ERP is […]

Industry 4.0 eBook Chapter 1 – The Future of Manufacturing

The Future Manufacturing Business Model For the visions of Industry 4.0 to become reality, manufacturing companies need to begin by looking at their existing business model. It’s no longer enough for manufacturers to operate to a Just In Case business model. The age of manufacturing products in bulk and waiting for customers to buy them, […]

Generation X: worth their weight in gold

Have you ever thought about the age range of your employees? Take a look around and the chances are you they may range from their teens through to their late sixties. And that’s great – there’s a lot to be said for having age diversity in the workplace. But have you ever considered how an […]

ERP and business processes: Why going back to basics is crucial to moving forward…

Times are tough for UK manufacturers with trends towards robotisation, automation and mass customisation placing increasing pressure on them to up their game. Coupled with this is the pressure from OEMs to meet ever more challenging KPIs relating to production turnaround times, quality standards or compliance. The implications of Industry 4.0 for manufacturers cannot be […]

Why Do ERP Implementations Fail

Implementing ERP is never going to be a walk in the park, even the smoothest of implementations aren’t without some turbulence. Supply chains are increasingly complex, refined and subsequently, fragile, so to prise an ERP implementation into a business without disruption is short of a miracle. But that’s not an excuse for failure. There are […]

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