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Blockchain Explained – How it Fits Into a Manufacturing

If you’re hearing the term ‘blockchain’ a lot recently but aren’t quite sure what it is, then fear not! You are not alone. Although not a particularly new platform, it has been on the receiving end of a huge boost in popularity recently, in response to increased fears around data security. Many businesses are use…


Also known as ‘third platform’, is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud. It refers to how these facets of computing work in conjunction to become greater than the sum of their parts, gaining a competitive advantage through a better understanding of the customer. Although not part of the acronym, some…

The Burden of Legacy ERP

Legacy ERP is certainly among the top reasons cited by our prospects for wanting to change their ERP system. In fact it gets so much attention we thought it warranted a closer look. How can legacy ERP impact a business and what should manufacturers look to do about it?