Meeting the business needs of the modern manufacturing enterprise

In this video Cathie Hall, managing director at K3 Syspro discusses the role of systems in manufacturing transformation.

– Three key challenges facing manufacturers are making decisions, understanding product costing and integrating the supply chain.
– MDs need decision enablement – they need both information and empowered people able to make decisions and follow through on them.
– Integrating the supply chain can achieve sustainable competitive advantage for manufacturers, but technology can only be applied to an existing process that works.

Today’s manufacturers face a number of challenges – from making business decisions, to understanding true product costs, and effectively integrating the entire supply chain. And they need to do all that before they even start producing a product!

As the sector now enters Industry 4.0 we are increasingly seeing the importance of smart systems, which communicate with each other, machines which update themselves, and technology which produces complete visibility of manufacturing information, from one single source. How can manufacturers use this information to add value to their operations? How can they leverage Industry 4.0 to achieve sustainable competitive advantage?

Where does ERP fit into this spectrum, and how has IT evolved to meet the business needs of the modern manufacturing enterprise?

The key to any successful ERP system in manufacturing is the integration of people, processes, and systems. By clearly defining your project team and working closely with that team, manufacturers can ensure the transition follows a clearly defined process, and all project objectives are met. Any business considering an ERP investment (new or to their existing systems) needs to understand the long-term nature of the project. By continually revisiting and realigning processes, people and systems can maximise even greater long term benefits from ERP.

Manufacturers should no longer be spending too much time in meetings quantifying their data, and the days of having to manually extract business information and pass it through multiple departments should be gone. Today, communication throughout the supply chain should be consistent, and simulations and forecasts available anywhere, at any time, through mobile applications such as SYSPRO Espresso, facilitating decision enablement. As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, mission critical ERP systems will become even more important when it comes to integrating the value chain.

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