How ERP integrates the value chain for Industry 4.0

How ERP Integrates the Value Chain for Industry 4.0.

Very few industries have grown quite as rapidly as the manufacturing industry over the last number of years. While many sectors have struggled in difficult economic times, the manufacturing sector has found new ways to survive by integrating operations from end to end, embracing new technologies and managing supply chains more efficiently.

Today’s manufacturer can maximise yield, operate with fewer line stoppages and successfully communicate different systems throughout the business. The factory of the future is already taking shape as we enter Industry 4.0 and businesses implement efficient, scalable and cost-effective performance strategies which integrate their entire value chain. But how is this possible and what is the driving force behind this new breed of manufacturing enterprise?

Just as the manufacturing industry has evolved, so too has the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market and today’s solutions are enabling creation of the fourth industrial revolution.

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