K3 Syspro has a single focus – to develop and deliver excellent ERP solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies, so they can improve the performance of their businesses.

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Every day, all over the world, SYSPRO is used by some 15,000 companies in over 60 countries. In the UK alone, more than 450 firms benefit from SYSPRO ERP-based business solutions, and the number is growing. Week in, week out, we roll up our sleeves to help our customers to see into every aspect of their business, enabling us to enhance their processes and leaving them to enjoy improved profitability.

Our innovative solutions do not just win awards for simply being technically brilliant; they are recognised as world class because they solve real  business problems. K3 Syspro customers now not only know we have the experience and expertise to help drive their business, they trust us to do it honestly and professionally. Every single module our customers use has evolved from this way of working side by side with real customers in the real world.

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Meeting the business needs of the modern manufacturing enterprise

As the sector now enters Industry 4.0 we are increasingly seeing the importance of smart systems, which communicate with each other, machines which update themselves, and technology which produces complete visibility of manufacturing information, from one single source. How can manufacturers use this information to add value to their operations?

In this video Cathie Hall, our managing director discusses the role of systems in manufacturing transformation.

  • Three key challenges facing manufacturers are making decisions, understanding product costing and integrating the supply chain.
  • MDs need decision enablement – they need both information and empowered people able to make decisions and follow through on them.
  • Integrating the supply chain can achieve sustainable competitive advantage for manufacturers, but technology can only be applied to an existing process that works.

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